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Bhikhu om hindunationalisternas stora valseger

Bhikhu Vyas har i 35 år varit Tuffs partner i Indien. Det är en ära att få samarbeta med honom, som är gammal nog att ha varit med i Mahatma Gandhis ickvåldsrörelse för att befria Indien från det brittiska kolonialväldet. Här ger han sin syn på det indiska valet nyligen:
The election results are much more than "Tsunami" - unprecedented in the history of Independent India. It has wiped off Congress party, as never before and most of the regional parties as well. It has defeated very many political stolewarts [ministers], not only from age - old Congress [most of its senior ministers lost], as also many biggies from other non - Congress / non BJP parties. 

This is not only the outcome of BJP or its rightist and pro-Hindu ideology; but more so, result of very convincing propaganda by Modi.  He [only he] moved to each and every corner of India and successfully made mass appeal - exploiting fully media, technology and money, backed ably by Hindu parent body. This is not a good sign for mature democracy. It smells fascist trend.

Modi has been projected as a Development God.  Of course, he is an an able administrator, having good [not honest] government. But
his Develpment Model has benefited mainly big idndustrialists  and upper class [and caste] society, at the cost of natural resources and environment. These people supported Modi like any thing The poor remains almost at the same poverty level - amidst galloping cost of living - making them still poorer. What ever Gujarat  Development Model, it is not inclusive and lacks social justice.

As for minorities,  Modi has the worst track - record. He is a danger - except if BJP as a party [there re some wise, experienced and mature old leaders, but all of them side- lined] has its say.

Two things also have made an impact on the result. Modi gave promise that the poor will reach to middle class level and the middle class will reach to upper class level - so on and so on, as also jobs to the educated youth [where Congress failed miserably]. The capitalists and jobless simply aspire for such performance and are least worried for poor. They are simply self - centered. Modi seems to them like 'GOD'.  The rich awoodenly wants to become richer, where sky is the limit. All of them pinned their hopes in Modi. Looking to the total scenario, they feel he [no other] could deliver such goods. The promises that he has given and the expectations that he has aroused in the masses are difficult to fulfill. If Modi will remain Modi as he is, with his rightist and divisive stance, new government will have to face many economic as well as social problems and frustration, in the long run.T
his is the negative side of the so called positive outcome. Of course, he has very well marketed 'Gujarat Model' on all India level, giving hope that if the country follows this model, it could flourish. In that case, the poor and the minorities would be marginalized. I do not subscribe efficiency, without social justice and progress, at the cost of environment and moral values

Turning to the other side of the scenario, congress party and its ministers deserve this fate [punishment], as most of them are corrupt to the core and poor administrators.

According to me, the best solution could have been NON BJP - NON CONGRESS third front government. It could have been: Sweden the Middle Way - socialism through democracy. But in this Tsunami, they also have been washed away - with BJP and to be exact -  Modi, as an only survivor. Take an example of Uttar Pradesh [having the highest members]. From there the entire comngrss is wiped out [BJP rose for 2 to 70  and Congress / others form 70 to 2 - the exception being Sonia and her son.
Finally, let me turn to my pessimism. No government of any party and a few able as well as honest/committed ministers in the present all - pervading corrupt atmosphere and idle society could generate real development, based on social justice.

Bhikhu Vyas

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